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Things you need to know before living in a condo

Living in a condo may be a good choice for some people that love the center of the city. If you are looking for the perfect condo for you, you should contact the experts in real estate in Benahavis; the people of Newbery Real Estate can help you find the condo of your dreams. However, there are some things you should know before buying a condo. Continue Reading

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5 tips to do the right advertisement of a property online

When listing your Real Estate Business and properties on International Real Estate Alliance you will be seen and contacted by thousands of potential customers who visit this Real Estate Portal daily.

International properties for sale

International properties for sale


Advertisements of a property online, help you reach people who are not on your same zip code. Attract more people with the right instruments, the social networks are one of the most visited sources daily.

Potential buyers will be enticed by the colourfulness and inviting aspects of a well-structured ad. It could be useful, a description of the natural landscape surrounding your property.

If you have doubts about how to write an appropriate advertisement you can follow some of our leads, which will help you create an organized ad for your property or properties for sale.

1) Using the correct words on the ad

The description of your property on International Real State Alliance should be simple and attractive. The amount of details, you add to it should at least include: type of property, width and length, location, colour, how many rooms, the type of floor and roof it has.

If the properties consist on more than one building, the same applies for it, only it would be wise to include, which floor is located on or if you’re selling a whole building, how many floors does it have.

When you describe your property, you must take into consideration, that the person would look for key points, they will search what they are interested on.

2)  Photographing your property

The photos included on advertisements of a property online, should have one from the perspective of the front door, so the potential buyer can have an idea, of how it would be  standing from their future doorstep. If the property has several floors, photos should highlight the best views, of each floor. The view from the master bedroom it’s one of the most important ones, this one allows the customer, to visualize how the room would be arranged.

The photographs should include the front and back of the house as well as the views from the main rooms.

 3) Landscape and Local Places

You can do a simple paragraph, describing the surrounding landscape, the different views the property has. Emphasis, on which bedroom will the client appreciate better the surrounding land, if it is on a hillside or with view to the sea or a mountain.

If the property it’s on a small town, you may want to include the local establishments or the ones closer to the property. If tourism, it’s an important aspect, a relevant fact that you consider will help with the ad of your property online, then you could definitely add it to the description.

 4) Locating the type of population

Knowing what type of possible clients would be interested on your properties will help you, with that kind of information you can redact a proper description, focusing on the features that would attract the target population. If you are not clear on how to identify the population, our ranks of experts in the IREA Group, can give you a couple of useful tips.

Be aware of the kind of population you want to reach with your ad, companies or particulars, either one will be interested in particular aspects of the property, it would help you to be clear on the best features.

5) Gaining recognition

Hiring a plan from International Real Estate Alliance, gives you the opportunity of placing your ad on more than 1100 websites, as if that were not enough, in our home pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you can have a spot, thanks to the Social Networks Plan, which grants your property an announcement on our home pages.

This plan would be an additional boost, the more advertisements of a property online you have, the more chances there will be of having various offers from potential customers or at least, you will gain recognition, it could catch the eye of someone’s friend and they would pass on the information, either way your ad get the attention needed. Therefore, you get offers or calls asking about an specific property in Asia, Europe, Australia, or any other place.

If you found it difficult, doing the advertisement for your property, then remember you can consult our experts, our contact sheet provides you with the numbers, we have consultants on Spain, U.S.A, Mexico, Argentina and England, the contact numbers can be found on our website.

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