Things you need to know before living in a condo

Living in a condo may be a good choice for some people that love the center of the city. If you are looking for the perfect condo for you, you should contact the experts in real estate in Benahavis; the people of Newbery Real Estate can help you find the condo of your dreams. However, there are some things you should know before buying a condo.

The space is shared

When you live in this type of properties, you are the owner of the space within the walls of the property, and you can share the common areas with the other owners. However, you don’t own the land where the place is built in; you have to share this ownership with your neighbors. This may be a bad idea if you are not a very sociable person.

They are secure

The condos offer more security. These types of building usually have security characteristics like doorbells or guards. Besides this, it is easier to leave your place if you go on a trip because there is better security, and you are familiarized with your neighbors as they are with you.

It can be less expensive

Living in a condo can be less expensive than living in an apartment. This is due to the fact that the services are shared, and you have to pay the expenses together with your neighbors. However, with the maintenance and the repairs, this cost can go up. You may be responsible for paying the expenses of the pool even if you never use it.

They have extra amenities

In the condos, you have free access to some amenities like a pool or a gym that you couldn’t afford on your own. You will only have to pay the share cost of the maintenance of those common areas. However, some uses may be restricted by the set of rules that are usually set. You can easily see the amenities of the condos in this site of Marbella Real Estate where you can find great info about the properties for sale.

Condos have great things to offer, but it also involves some other aspects. You have to be prepared about the advantages and disadvantages that the condos have before you make the decision of buying your property.

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